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SFLegalVideo will professionally synchronize your legal videos with the deposition transcript.

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Major Formats

Have your video deposition synchronized in all of the major software formats by an experienced professional.

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Stream Video

Stream legal videos over the internet via videography services like Livenote using a V-Brick and a Touch Stream.

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We provide many other types of video services: site survey videos, religious events, weddings, day-in-the-life Video, and more.

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    Kelty & Scott Court Reporters (Kathy Kelty, Court Reporting Agency).

The Role Of The Legal Videographer

From "Legal videographers produce videos for courtroom evidence, forensics and even insurance fraud."

"The demand for legal videographers is growing as lawyers, police officers and judges rely more and more on technology and its impact on legal proceedings."

SFLegalVideo provide reliable, professional, trustworthy video deposition services. Benefit from our years of experience and partner with the best.

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